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Reaching Out to San Francisco's Most Disadvantaged

Santa Ventetia SoyWorks has teamed up with 35 year old San Francisco non-profit, Care Through Touch, whose programs offer massage therapy to the City's homeless and drug addicted residents.  Through donation of products to its hard working volunteers, we're honored to be a small part of caring for our City's neediest residents .

Sister Pamela Clare, one of the organization's volunteers, explains, " I heard about the foot

massage training offered at CTI in preparation for the foot massages given throughout the Tenderloin.  It was

everything that I had hoped it would be and more! It was such a privilege to be able to touch another

person in that extraordinarily intimate way. I knew I wanted to learn more about 'caring

through touch'. This past summer Mary Ann, Pamela, and Maureen offered the 100-hour training in

Massage Therapy, Social Responsibility, and Spiritual Practice. It was a transforming gift!"

For more information or to get involved or to make a donation, Contact them at:

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